About the Owner. A brief autobiography…
marc-mcdermottIt’s always hard to pinpoint that one moment or turning point in your life when you discover what it is you actually want to do with your life. For me, I like to believe it all started in a freshman year high school ‘Web Design 101’ course.

While I undoubtedly possessed self-taught MS FrontPage skills before walking into this class, I would quickly learn how to turn my hobby into a business. I wish I could say it was my ‘inspiring professor’ who ignited my passion for the web; rather it was the fascinating classmate to my left.

I quickly dove in to the world of web design, creating an international web design business. Partnered with fellow designers in London, UK and Uttar Pradesh, India, I would go on to learn many invaluable business and life lessons.

The first half of my college years found me leveraging self-taught web and technology skills for corporate online education at PENTAX Medical Company in Montvale, NJ. During my time with PENTAX, I designed and developed interactive online coursework for training and internal communication materials with the target audience being sales representatives and internal company employees. While directly managing all online employee training, I also collaborated with multimedia design agencies to create collateral materials for external customer use.

Highlighting the second half of my college years, I decided to test my wings across the pond working in the heart of London. I was quickly picked up by a small publishing company located a stone-throw away from Trafalgar Square. I would go on to be employed as an online marketing liaison for Hardens Guides, responsible for array of projects ranging from e-newsletters, graphic/flash design, and website promotional design.

After returning to the states and finishing up my last year of education, I was enlisted by a new and exciting department of LexisNexis; Search Engine Marketing. There I was able to leverage my years of web experience to plan, create, and execute strategic online marketing campaigns for several law firms and attorneys.

I currently manage, promote, and market various websites, including my own entrepreneurial endeavors. When I’m not working I enjoy being in the outdoors; hiking, fishing, camping, etc. I also have an intense passion for soccer, both as a player and avid supporter of Manchester United.

So how can you contact me? As my colleagues can humorously attest to, I am rarely away from my computer and/or iPhone so email is typically the best way to reach me.