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Why Excel Is Your Best Friend for Link Building Campaigns

Microsoft Excel can be one of the best tools to use when managing a link building campaign.

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Do you know where your leads are coming from online?

Do you know where your website traffic is coming from online? More importantly, do you know where your leads are coming from online?

It’s easy to say that your website generates X number of visits and Y number of leads per month. But why not understand exactly which traffic sources are converting better than others?

It’s crucial to understand the ROI of different traffic sources so you know where to ramp up spending and where to cut back. It’s also …

Do You Know if You Hired the Right Internet Marketer? Google Does.

Choosing an internet marketing provider

Choosing the wrong Internet marking vendor can have disastrous effects on your company’s website. Google has made more major changes to their algorithms in the last eight months than in the last eight years. Hire someone who still uses old tactics and you’ll likely suffer devastating long-term penalties from the likes of Google.

A common issue that plagues small and medium-sized businesses is that they don’t know who to hire to handle their Internet marketing. Because of this, many businesses …

Meta tagging your websites

I’d like to talk a little about writing quality sets of title, Meta, and header tags and some general principles to abide by. In this example, let’s take a look at a personal injury lawyer website and produce one set of data for the homepage.

Before actually writing these tags, it’s important to understand the primary role they play in your SEO campaign. The title tag is one of the most important components of a webpage in which to tell …

Semantic Search for SEO

It seems that a lot of SEO’s and webmasters these days continue to ignore the concept of semantic search. What is semantic search exactly? The good folks over at SEOmoz describe semantic search as:

…semantic search is defined by the ability of the search engine to cognitively recognise and index content based on the actual sentence structure and meaning (or, in other words, the ability of the search engine to actually READ your content).

In layman’s terms, it’s an attempt …

Wordcamp SEO Review

wordcamp SEO review nycYesterday’s Wordcamp NYC blogger track seminar did appear to be a total wash for those veterans of wordpress.  A total wash indeed until the 4:15 SEO blog review with Corey Eulas.  With an otherwise unruly crowd, Corey did a fantastic job of using his SEO knowledge and experience to silence the crowd despite a few bad self-proclaimed SEO experts in attendance.

I’ve been to a lot of SEO conferences, and I do not recall any where members of the …

Tip of the week –

So we want to hop on the social media train, but do not really have a clear understanding of how to do so.  Whether you’re marketing your own brand name, it is vital to obtain the vanity url for your brand on all the major social media and social bookmarking sites. 

First of all, let me quickly explain what a vanity URL is.  Put simply, it is a custom url for a profile/page that includes either your keywords or brand …

TLD Duplicate content and multisite issues

This week’s blog involves a common question about multisite and duplicate content issues related to sites with several TLD’s (ie .com,, etc)

The most common scenario is an e-commerce website that exists in multiple languages and/or currencies. If my target markets are both the United States and United Kingdom for example, I may or may not opt for the .com and versions of my domain. So the question is, in it’s raw form, will Google treat these sites …

Of Google Caffeine and small business SEO

For those who haven’t already heard, Google is currently working on beta stages of their new search algorithm, Caffeine.  P relaunch user testing can be conducted here.

So what does this mean for the small business SEO campaign?  Not much more than we ethical, white hat SEO’s already know to be honest.  A few big changes I see coming are:

  • More ranking weight for social networking sites.
  • Back link thematic quality truly surpassing quantity.
  • Direct correlations between analytic data